Remove Acne marks in 3 easy steps

Acne marks are the worst thing pimples leave behind. Even if you don’t prick them, sometimes they still leave a reminder of that acne. The good news is there are best products available to help you remove them such as the Beauché set.

These are 3 ways to remove acne marks:

  1. Remove Acne marks with micro peeling.

    Our Beauché set works together to exfoliate your skin and micro peel. First, using cotton balls, cleanse with Beauché skin toner. Then, lather your face with Beauché Beauty bar soap, wash it with water. Prepare your face with the gentle application of the clarifying solution using cotton balls in an upward stroke. After cleansing, apply the Beauché Exfoliating cream. Micro peeling can take place after 4 to 7 days of usage. You may experience prickly feeling or burning sensation but hey, it’s normal! Just avoid scratching your face.

  2. Rejuvenate your skin

    To raise those scars to the normal level of your skin, you need to improve your skin’s ability to rejuvenate your cells. After applying the Beauché exfoliating cream apply the Beauché rejuvenating cream. Aside from raising your skin, this cream also keeps your face moisturized and it also eliminates dark skin, making those spot lighter and invisible.

  3. Use sunblock

    When healing from pimple mark or scar, it is important that you keep away from the sun, why? Because of the harmful UV rays, it can darken your pimple marks and damage your skin even further; we don’t want that to happen to your skin right? You need to use sunblock all the time. Our Beauché age eraser cream has the ability to protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It has SPF 35 which can protect you all day. Just reapply every two hours during sun exposure. It can also make your face look younger and fresh because this cream has collagen which is effective to eliminate signs of aging.

  4. The best way to avoid scarring is to prevent your acne from getting worse, but if you are already having a bad zit and marks are on their way. Try our Beauché set and it will help you remove those annoying marks.